Khen Rinpoche Nyima Dondrup

Khen Rinpoche Nyima Dondrup was born in 1965, in the mountains which are the secret land of Guru Rinpoche called Beyul Yolmo Gangra. At the age of six he left his family to go and live with the great master of meditation Kunzang Yeshe Rinpoche. When he was 16, his master returned to Tibet and […]


Shakyamuni Buddhist Society – Kathmandu This society was created by Khen Rinpoche Nyima Dondrup in 2010, to provide teaching of the Buddha-Dharma. It is registered for this purpose in full accordance with Nepalese government regulations. The school is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of the country of Lord Buddha’s birth. It is situated within […]

Guru Rinpoche

In the north-western part of the land of Oddiyana, on an island in the lake of Dhanakosha, the blessings of all the buddhas took shape in the form of a multi-coloured lotus flower. Moved by compassion at the suffering of sentient beings, the Buddha Amitabha sent out from his heart a golden vajra, marked with […]


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